new ac unit Tucson

The mini-split indoor new ac unit Tucson air handler hold the bracket in place use a level to ensure it is horizontally level then mark the screw holes with a pencil drill the marked holes to create a pilot hole and use appropriate sized self tapping screws with anchors to fix the wall mounting frame finally check to ensure the wall mounting frame is firmly.

Attached by pulling on it now you will create a hole in the wall to allow refrigerant lines control wires and condensation drain tube to go outside the hole is usually two and a half to three inches using a hole saw bit drill the hole making sure to angle downward to the outside for proper condensate drainage the wall-mounted air handler ships with the refrigerant piping on the right and the drain tube on the left but can be configured.

To your particular application in this case we will move the condensate drain tube from the left to the right this requires removing the outer cover of the air handler open the service hatch and remove the four screws across the front in the fifth screw in the center bottom turn the unit over and release the four locking tabs carefully lift off the cover and turn the unit over to expose the drain connection unfasten the retaining clip for.

The drain hose and remove the drain hose next locate the rubber drain plug on the right side remove it and use it to plug the left-side drain replace the hose on the right side drain and fasten the retaining clip prepare to install the control wire by removing the wire cover and wiring clip push the color-coded multi conductor wire through the inlet hole on the back of the air handler and pull a few inches through the front leave the cover open you will make the wiring connections later now carefully unfold the refrigerant pipe making sure not to crimp the copper tube in the.

process bundle the control wire refrigerant lines and drain tubing together with electrical tape to make sure it’ll fit easily through the wall an installation support bracket is an optional tool that helps by acting as a second set of hands holding the air handler in place while you make.